Eshly Deli Box - Medium - Comes With Rose Elastic

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Eshly Deli Box basic medium / organic rubber band  /ø 125 mm / 570 ml 


What’s an eshly?

Eshly is design “Made in Germany”. The word eshly is a play on the German word “Eschenholz”, which means ash wood – the resilient and durable material from which eshly is produced. Eshly brings you all the good of wood in a handsome, versatile, ecological, and naturally hygienic product series. The eshly product range features coordinated solid ash wood products, which have been cut, milled and seamlessly turned with a woodturning tool. This is done with one single piece of certified regional and renewably resourced timber, in a completely transparent production process – naturally without the use of any bonding materials, chemical additives or plasticizers. Even the packaging is made of recycled materials.


Why wood?

For instance, because wood is beautiful from the grain, on to the color and down to the satiny feel of its finish. It is lightweight, yet sturdy. It is ecologically sustainable, has antibacterial properties and its breathability prevents the build-up of moisture, making it hygienic and perfect for use with food products. Our ash wood comes from naturally cultivated German forests and a renewable ecosystem.


At home and on the go

Eshly Deli Boxes are sold separately, come in a variety of diameters and are stackable. Their multifunctional use reduces consumption and a surplus of household utensils. It allows you to prepare, carry and serve your dish in one container – no need to transfer it for serving.


Eshly Deli Strech

The elastic band is made of GOTS certified cotton and sustainably produced natural rubber. It is produced in Germany and dyed with non-toxic herbal colours. As the bands are dyed manually this may cause slight deviations in colour.


Eshly‘s Surface Treatment:

Eshly has an oil finish of food safe transparent oil, which is also sweat and saliva resistant according to the German norm DIN53160. The oil has been tested according to DIN EN71, part 3, and is approved for toys and food. Wood has an antiseptic quality and the oil enhances this effect even further.


Cleaning and care:

Eshly boxes are best cleaned with a moist cloth (with or without washing-up liquid) and afterwards wiped dry with a soft cloth. Please do not leave it wet. If you rub Eshly from time to time with a bit of linseed or olive oil it will remain beautiful for years.

Please note: Eshly is not suitable for microwave use and should not be put into the dishwasher.

Eshly Deli Box - Medium - Comes With Rose Elastic

CHF 53.00


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