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Learn how to care for Bourette Silk


Bourette Silk

Bourette silk is less sensitive than most other types of silk. However, it should not be washed at too high a temperature to maintain its quality.

Bourette silk is best washed by hand or in the wool or delicates programme of the washing machine. Silk should also only be spun lightly so that the delicate fibres are not damaged.

Like all silk fabrics, bourette is sensitive to alkali. Special silk detergents, on the other hand, are free of alkali as well as optical brighteners and enzymes, which can also damage the silk proteins.

For Hand Washing

Dissolve liquid silk detergent completely in water and then add the textile. Gently lather up your garments and spot treat wherever necessary, then leave them submerged in the soapy water for up to 30 minutes. Gently rinse, press (don't wring) excess water out, and let your garments air-dry flat on a drying rack or hang to dry in the breeze

For Machine Washing

Use silk detergent according to the manufacturer's instructions. Do not add fabric softener to the silk wash.

For More Shine

You can add a dash of vinegar to the machine or put the silk in a vinegar rinse after washing. The typical vinegar smell disappears during drying. Vinegar can also give brittle silk a softer feel again.


For stubborn stains, baking soda is a popular household remedy. Sprinkle it on the stain, leave it to work for about 20 minutes and then tap it off thoroughly. If in doubt, take silk textiles with stubborn stains to the dry cleaner.

A characteristic of bourette silk is its distinctive surface texture. However, the typical bourette silk nubs only appear when you have worn, loved and washed your garment.

Only then does this special material unfold its full beauty.


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